Bad Game Designer!

Bad Game Designer - No Twinkie!

It’s time again for Ernest Adams’ yearly column on poor design decisions. I’ve previously stated my bordering-on-unhealthy- respect for Adams, so I am somewhat relieved to say I usually don’t agree on all his points in the ‘no twinkie!’ – column. Sure, they are all pitfalls we should be aware of, and taken out of context they all sound bad – but games being as complex, often enough holistic experiences as they are, we can’t really base an experience on something taken out of context.

Still, a good read about stuff that at least irritates some people.

Gamasutra: Bad Game Designer – No Twinkie!

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John Blow on Indie Prototyping

John Blow, the man behind the independent game Braid appeared at the Independent Games Summit and held a panel about prototyping indie games;

… Most of the 45 minutes are spent with him talking about his games and not so much about prototyping in general, but the rest of it is quite interesting.

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Overcovered absence of games in VT tragedy

… Jack Thompson and Dr Phil were quick to blame the Virginia Tech massacre on videogames. Even so, no videogames were found in Cho’s – the shooter’s – room, his friends never saw him play videogames and now, it seems some panel has again established more or less definently that videogames were no factor in the tragedy;

This has been known for a week now (although early reports suggesting this surfaced about a month ago), and lots of major gaming outlets have run it as news. This kind of bothers me. Sure – websites like GamePolitics need to cover it since they are quite heavy on those things, but why would larger, less specific publications bother with a “see – something bad happened, and we weren’t part of it!” – message? yes, it is quite strange to find an asocial college student not partaking in an occupation performed by a majority of college students – especially asocial ones – but it’s hardly newsworthy unless you feel you have to defend yourself.

The columbine shooters reputedly played Doom. Saying that the best way of preventing that tragedy was to keep two kids from playing a game enjoyed by millions of people worldwide is just too absurd an argument to even bother replying too, but that’s just my opinion.

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