Well, that didn’t seem to work out.

Saint originally called this blog “Some random text from…”, a very ironic name since his homemade shell required him to upload each separate entry via ftp. This, in turn, made the posts a little bit too thought-through to earn the description “random”.

The entire point of this blog is long gone since the only people that could get anything out of it have found better sources a long time ago. That being said, Saint can be incredibly self-absorbed so why should he care?

This is to be considered Saint’s third attempt at a blog. He now uses WordPress to remove all the hassle that prevented him from posting randomness before, meaning that this will be a less serious and pretentious blog. Less meaning and coherency. More spelling mistakes and poorly informed opinions.

By no means should you read the text on this page.

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  1. Tedde on July 31st, 2007

    He also, like Gollum, tend to talk about himself in third-person. Other parallels include The Smell of Gollum.

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