Will gamers save the world?

Videogames are still kind of low-profile in Sweden compared to how it is in the US; it’s not really something you talk about. Well, it wouldn’t be if I didn’t hang out with gamers and developers almost exclusively. I used to have a stance on the meaning and purpose of playing videogames, but as I grew older and the “research” became more frequent it became obvious that you can’t take everything seriously – and since you can’t, how do you decide? I chose to chalk it down as individuality, but there always come times when you need to stand up for what you do.

This article from an old PC Gamer highlights some of the reportedly positive sides of gaming; it’s blatantly one-sided but since the “other side” can get away with both that and not only misrepresenting the facts but flat-out lying, I think it’s a fair counterpoint.

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