Gizmondo again?


I remember my last year at HGO before the “circus” part of the Gizmondo story had started; A producer and a marketing guy had come to try and pitch… something to us. They weren’t hiring and they weren’t gonna let us develop student projects on it (which is ironic since they’re pitching it as an open platform now), so at the time it was kind of unclear what they were doing there. I recall their presentation as being okay, although it was quite obvious that the platform was intended for them to make money on, not for consumers to play games on. After the circus with the Ferrari, a friend of mine thought I was involved since I too worked with game development in Uppsala, which is as bad-ass a reputation I’m ever likely to get, I guess.

We didn’t believe in it then so I’m just assuming this is a prank until further notice. UK Resistance had, as always, some funny things to say about it though.

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