Gotland Game Awards


I spent most of the weekend at Gotland University as a guest judge for the competition they hold for the big projects students produce during the end of their first and second years. Seeing as I was quite active during my years a student there returning to see familiar faces is always a happy occasion, and this visit was no exception. The event itself has grown remarkably since my time there, where in my first year it was a storeroom with games where the public was allowed to enter it is now a semi-open competition with hundreds of thousands SEK in prizes and expert judges (ahem) invited from as far as the United States (including my role-model Ernest Adams, even).

The games didn’t fail to impress either … In fact, since I don’t have any links to them and no insightful critique to deliver, this entire post is sort of meaningless so I’ll just end it here.

I would have posted this when I got home Sunday afternoon, but I couldn’t get the screenshot until now since the server was down. Ironically, I got it from the Swedish Game Awards server, but that’s a story for another day.

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