Lost Winds

Lost Winds

Lost Winds is one of the very first Wiiware games, a platform/exploration game made special by the unique input of the Wii controller much like Kirby’s Canvas Curse. While the controls of Lost Winds are slightly more immediate since walking with the main character is done with the thumbstick, you have to create winds by swinging the wiimote in order to have him jump, attack enemies or activate things in the background. This works reasonably well, the wiimote is nowhere near as exact as the DS stylus but since Lost Winds is a very easy game precision isn’t that big a deal. On the other hand, it never gets challenging either, and the most engaging parts about Lost Winds is when you come up against illogical puzzles or need to clear out tricky jumps when it gets really frustrating at times.

Which is both the strength and the weakness of Lost Winds, it is a very soothing game. The music is calm and enjoyable, the graphics make it look like a fairytale and the gameplay is slow and pleasant. While it’s certainly nice, it doesn’t really pull you in and since it’s a very short game (some 2-3 hours) you are wondering when it will start up until the final boss. On the other hand, it is supposed to be episodic so maybe it’s too early to critisize that; all in all it is well worth the small prize you pay for it though.

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