Christer Ericson on Shader Systems

Christer Ericson, author of the tremendous book Real-time Collision Detection, talks down on Shader Graphs in a recent blog entry.

I do think the points he brings up are good, but seeing as we use a similar system around here with the same reasoning I guess I am a little biased. While they might not always make up the bulk of the problems, tackling bugs or performance issues that spring from content broken due to misused tools is always frustrating since it can feel like someone is deliberately trying to cause you headaches.

On the other hand, using tools that don’t allow you to do what you want, or even worse, do allow you to do what you whant but only in limited and weird ways is even more frustrating. I also know that to be truly creative you need to push the boundaries of the medium – even when you have to work around limitations in the tools.

I guess what I am saying is that there should be as many artists in this debate as programmers.

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