Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations


It’s been more than a week since I completed the game (and almost a year since I played the first couple of cases), so I don’t have much to say about it – actually, there isn’t much to say since it is very much a continuation of the earlier parts in the series. You still play the defense attorney Phoenix Wright tasked with defending the innocent people accused of murder by playing an adventure game to look for evidence and then using this evidence to show who’s lying and how the real murder actually happened.

As with the other games in the series, the strength of the game lies in the vivid characters, and the big weakness is the linear structure of the problem-solving. While it sometimes work okay, most of the time you’re a few steps ahead of the action and already know how the murder occurred, but the steps to prove it are illogical. It is also annoyingly inconsistent with how you are allowed to use testimony, cross-examinations and evidence so a lot of times you’re just trying using trial-and-error to try and figure out what rules the game is playing by. Then again, this is a rather common problem for adventure games and since the Phoenix Wright series is just that and not some kind of simulator, it can be expected.

Most of the time, Trials and Tribulations is a good game, albeit not sensational, but it becomes tedious a few too many times.

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