Penny Arcade Adventures 2


It seems increasingly pointless to talk about separate parts of episodic game series in their own space, as once you have established the general rules the only apparent thing left to discuss is the differences between them.  As for this particular title, it is slightly better in most ways – the graphics are slightly better, the jokes are a little more funny and the nods to the comic a little more frequent and the subquests are more varied. Battles are still somewhat tedious (though less frequent) though, and the bugs are still there (this time forcing me to restart the game a couple of times).

Penny Arcade Adventures has an appeal that’s not entirely different from that of most internet celebrities. While not a poor game, the only thing making it unique and it really has going for it is it’s style, so you’re wondering how long it will take before the creators either slip up or you find something more interesting; Although this question is largely hypothetical seeing as there is going to be a finite number of episodes. This “screw success” – attitude is refreshing in itself and Penny Arcade Adventure’s willingness to bring up excessive violence or other adult material without any apparent point is another example of it. It’s not genuinely different in every way, but at least in one.

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