Gears of War 2


Playing Gears 2 likely wouldn’t have crossed my mind if I hadn’t planned to spend the evening going through some co-op action and Insomniac, for some obscure reason, had axed the co-op campaign from Resistance 2. Maybe it doesn’t change the game but considering the hype surrounding the brand it feels appropriate to point out that I had no expectations whatsoever, as I’ll be the first one to admit my expectations of a game usually affect my enjoyment of it to a substancial degree.

Anyhow, Gears of War 2. It’s like Gears of War 1, really – not very thought-provoking or innovative but highly polished and thought-through (in most aspects, notably not the dialogue). The challenge feels even throughout even though the types of obstacles you encounter are varying, the weapons are properly balanced and the levels – while having a repetitive scenery – have a natural progression pattern. In short, you never really get frustrated playing Gears 2, which is a testament to the developers’ sense of good design and persistence in fine-tuning it, but when playing I constantly get the feeling that it’s just like a hundred other shooters and nothing about it stands out.

Of course, that’s just a feeling and there are so few shooters having this level of quality that Gears can easily be unique among them, and my issue is rather that it I don’t feel it pushes the envelope on areas I feel interesting – and I’m pretty sure that was never their ambition to begin with.

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