IGF 09, Part 2


Seeing as I only played about half of the games nominated as IGF 09 finalists – and almost half of them were in the “innovation” category – It feels pretty pointless to claim some definitive knowledge. I do have a few observations, though.

It is nice to see Dyson, originally from the TIGSource Procedural Generation Competition,  be nominated for the Seamus McNally grand prize. The game has since been refined into something more diverse and challenging, though it is still a very simple and soothing experience. It’ll be interesting to see if it continues to be so if Rudolf and Alex decide to add even more elements.

You Have to Burn the Rope and PixelJunk Eden have gotten some heat, for being such a simple game and such a large-scale production respectively. I can’t say I agree with the critique as both are well suited for the awards they are nominated for, and even though a more serious, more unknown game might benefit more from the exposure it would be a sad day if the IGF stopped focusing on bringing out interesting games and became a marketing opportunity.

Osmos was – of the ones that offered something playable – the game with the most impressive nominations, and though the levels present in the demo were pretty simple and not very challening the game hinted at a surprising depth to the simple concept.

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