… Yeah, so these Indie games…


… I was originally going to write something about flower, but then I figured there wasn’t really much to say about it. It’s nice to play with, but in a sense it feels more like a demo than a game. Not in a bad way, I really do like it and the laid-back experience reminiscent of thatgamecompany’s earlier creation the Cloud Game, but I don’t have antyhing to say about it.


Then I was going to say something about Iji, seeing as I just finished playing it the pacifist route. It shares with Cave Story the concept of a hidden quest that when played gives you a completely fresh perspective on the situation, even though it only replaces a few key encounters. But apart from this I don’t have anything to say about Iji that isn’t obvious after playing the game for ten minutes.

I didn’t think about maybe saying something about Auditorium until just now either. That was actually a really solid puzzle game with uncommonly coherent feedback mechanisms. Not the most profound of experiences, maybe, but for what it was it was excellent.

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