Just Cause 2 looks nice

In these troubled times of layoffs and studios closing, it is nice to see the new Just Cause 2 trailer looking really good – I am not usually excited about sandbox games, but I will most likely pick up this one.

Though it is hard to deny that the fact that there are a lot of unemployed, experienced developers makes it easier in our own recruiting work, the situation is hardly good for either Starbreeze or myself. Disregarding the fact that a lot of my friends have been let go, less companies means less money and less people for the Swedish games industry. This in turn means less incentive for press and larger publishers to visit here, for educations to be held and less possibility for events like the Swedish Game Awards to be funded and staged.

Hopefully, this trend will turn – even if things did not turn out so well for Grin, I would go out on a limb and say Avalanche has a good chance of survival – if only because I recognize the situation they are in. Five years ago, Starbreeze had hired too many and grown too quickly, was forced to let go all but a small core team and then Riddick was released to rave reviews giving Starbreeze enough recognition to sign more contracts and today we are doing just fine.

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