Brütal Legend

Brütal Legend

Having played both Psychonauts and Grim Fandango, I had expectations on Brütal Legend very early – expectations that it would be a game with good art direction, great dialogue and somewhat lacking in it’s high-level design. I dare say I was right, and other people seem to have agreed with me. There has been some disappointment, something that is kind of surprising since I thought that once a game designer gets enough renown that people know about their games because of their involvement, you can usually count on them sticking to their guns. Or it might just be me assuming everyone was gushing over the game and me now reading reviews from people who didn’t give two shits about it earlier, that seems more likely.

I like the game, I really do. The presentation is indeed very nice, even though you have to be familiar with heavy metal and appreciate some subtle irony over it’s over-the-top elements in order to fully enjoy it, making it (I assume) slightly harder to get than Psychonauts. And the gameplay is by no means bad, just lacking of polish at times and overall unfocused. Maybe it is pointless to judge a game merely on how it held up to your anticipations when you had a pretty firm idea of what to expect, but perhaps that is the point; Brütal Legend is a game where it is not hard to find out ahead of time what you get. If you have not played a Tim Shafer game before, I guess it is as good as any to start with.

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