Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2

The singular biggest reason I played Uncharted 2 was because of the hype surrounding it. Of course, most games I play have been acquired due to some preview information, but Uncharted 2 I played mostly because of the ratings, as a matter of professional interest. Knowing this, it seems pointless for me to state what I like about it and not – the comparison to games I played because I was excited to see their release is not really fair.

What can be said about Uncharted 2 is that I now have a better idea of what the makers of Damnation tried to do – just like that game Uncharted is a mixture of Prince of Persia terrain traversal and Gears of War cover-based shooting, only a lot more seamless this time around. It is also a very well-made game on several levels; difficulty ramps up nicely and there is a nice variation between action and traversal segments. While not always visually impressive, it has an immense amount of detail to it and throws some really computationally demanding scenes at the player – sometimes the framerate suffers but in intense scenes that matters little. It also really wants the player too be able to go through it and it was very seldom frustrating.

I actually wonder why I do not like Uncharted 2 more than I do, maybe the dumbed-down, blockbuster-style narrative throws me off. Or maybe playing a game under the given premise just puts me in a mood to reveal it’s flaws. It is a very high-quality game and I had fun playing it, it just felt like work more than relaxation.

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