A deeper Final Fantasy VIII

Squall’s dead

Back in the day, Final Fantasy VIII was criticized for having somewhat disjoint and sappy storyline with characters that were not really likeable, a setting that strayed too far from it’s fantasy roots and one too many outrageous elements. Fans Diedra Rater and Rahul Choudhury have assembled a theory about why this was and presented an interpretation to what the story is really about.

Now, when it comes to games there is a huge volume of poor fanfiction masquerading as literary analysis so it is always refreshing to see something that feels insightful and challenges your way of seeing things. Now, the stories in Final Fantasy games have always seemed very shallow to me but there has always been a depth to the presentation, a history leading from mythological events to the events in the game – seeing someones theories about depth in the meaning of the story as well really makes the game richer.

Well worth a read if you played the game.

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  1. Kian on February 20th, 2010

    I regretfully never finished FFVIII, but at least I got to the point where (according to the article) the main character dies, so I got most of the arguments. Very thought provoking! It got me really excited about the game (and storytelling)!

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