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Deus Ex

Certain games, maybe notably so the Final Fantasy series, tend to put a lot of effort into an impressive and explosive opening in order to hook the player from the beginning – with this in mind it struck me as a bit odd that Deus Ex, published by Square Enix, has such an unassuming first few hours. It looks pretty uninteresting – even poor, in some cases – for the first couple of hours, before coming alive when you leave the first city. On the other hand, Deus Ex is a mystery plot with action elements rather than a grand battle-filled quest, so it suits the game a lot better in the end. Still, takes a while to get into.

In fact, Deus Ex has the issue of not being very attractive in a lot of areas. Graphics are occasionally good due to fantastic set design, but mostly look rather dull. Animations are poor, but few games seem to solve that these days. Gameplay features are by themselves mostly interesting but have poor synergy overall, as if someone did not bother going through the game a couple of times killing their darlings. The story is fairly strong and solemn, but a couple of times it is stunted by ill-conceived jokes and misplaced characters. It bears the familiar ring of a project that has somehow grown too large without a clear will directing all of the components, maybe the extensive credits list explains it. In short, Deus Ex does well in many areas but it is not really impressive in any of them.

It does not do anything so poorly it becomes annoying though, and even though the intrigue is sometimes a bit blatant there is enough of it to keep you going. Also, the game goes a bit heavier on the ‘RPG’ side of the action-RPG scale and it is easy to get immersed in the world when reading the woeful email communication of cubicle slaves or doing impromptu urban exploration. The augmentations are powerful enough that you feel capable of tackling any situation, but not so powerful that it becomes too easy. Maybe asking for the game to be more in other areas would diminish the quality of that.

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