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John Harris writes the “Game Design Essentials” series for Gamasutra, a series focused on looking at a certain part of games, and analyzing 20 different games to learn something about what a designer should think of regarding that part. He started last week by analyzing 20 difficult games and continued this week with 20 open world games.


Harris seems to have some problem defining exactly how linear a game should be to avoid being confusing without being.. well, too linear, and being a sucker for exploration gameplay, I don’t like it one bit that he didn’t include either Monster World II or III. The article is still very interesting and pinpoints a lot of the point why exploring virtual spaces is so entertaining to begin with, for example:

“Exploration games live or die, not by their boss fights or powerups, but by how fun the game makes the mere act of navigating corridors and seeing the sights. If you don’t think such things are entertaining then you may not want to develop one.”

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