Modern Warfare 3


It was honestly never my intention to play any of the Modern Warfare games but for the third time circumstances have intervened. I suppose them being cheap, accessible and – more importantly – short enough to complete in an evening have something to do with it. If there was ever a videogame equivalent of a blockbuster movie this is it – six hours of spectacles in a linear story that requires little emotional investment and does not require anything past those six hours to show you everything it has to offer. Disregarding my other feelings for the game, I can really appreciate the straightforward simplicity of it.

… Speaking about the campaign, of course. I have not played the multiplayer.

Anyhow, I guess Modern Warfare 3 is a slight improvement over the second iteration in most areas. The graphics are a little better, the areas a little more varied, the events a little more spectacular and the gameplay a little less random. That being said, it is still mostly about getting lucky enough not to be shot long enough to make it to the next checkpoint. Like many other games there seems to be a discrepancy between the narrative and the gameplay – the game tells you that you are constantly out of time and need to hurry along, but keeping back and using cover in the areas you have already cleared is a much safer way to play. In fact, more often than not friendly NPCs will do the job for you if you do not hurry about it.

… Which I guess sums up the Modern Warfare 3 campaign really well – it is streamlined to get you through it quickly. The mechanics are smooth, there are very few areas to explore outside of the main track and the game will more or less play itself if you do not take an active part in the action. It all adds to the simple blockbuster appeal, and even though it doesn’t really feel revolutionary or meaningful (considering all the rage about the “no russian” mission in MW2 this is a bit ironic) I really can’t fault it for going for accessibility.

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