Quantum Conundrum


Quantum Conundrum feels a lot like an action game with puzzle elements; more often than not the obstacles are easy to figure out but hard to overcome. There are a few levels that are mostly cerebral – almost all of them in the first half of the game – but a majority of them require precision and reflexes more than they require brain power. Platforming in first-person games is rarely done well and Quantum Conundrum is no exception, but to its credit it has good placement of checkpoints so you rarely have to repeat tasks once you have done them once. Also, it usually manages to communicate whether a solution is wrong or just hard to perform which is a common pitfall for these types of games.

Overall, it is a nice game – the visuals are coherent and detailed with a Ratchet & Clank – thing going on, while the height of the narrative is some bad puns it is unobtrusive enough. Still though, it feels like a game with a few interesting and unique puzzles padded with a series of run-of-the-mill platforming challenges. The former felt rewarding to solve, the latter felt like a waste of time – though maybe I was hoping for a puzzle game with a few action elements instead of what it is. Quantum Conundrum rewards you for completing a level quickly, without dying or by performing as few actions as possible. The game wants you to know that there is still challenge to be had once you have figured out the solution, but to me the best parts of it were the places were there was not.

Also, I played Resonance which was a pretty nice adventure game. The story was intriguing although sadly this was hampered a bit for me as I found the characters a bit too clicheed to be really likeable, but it managed to set a nice mood and kept you guessing about the outcome nevertheless. The thing with Resonance was that it was made as a 90s adventure game, and while people who were big fans back then probably enjoy the design today it feels a bit dated to those of us who expect a more user-friendly experience. Still, well worth playing.

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