Why would they do such a thing?

… Around the end of my vacation, I picked up the Orange Box to have something to do during the final weekend. It seemed like a good deal; Five games for the price of one (of which I would probably only bother with four, one is rumored to be incredibly short and two of the others are just expansion packs to the first, but still a good deal), and Half-Life 2 is, after all, considered by many to be one of the finest achievements in videogaming.

I didn’t get it until today, and as it turns out that was just as well, since it makes me nauseous. Not that it’s gross or anything, it’s something else. Out of a myriad of 3D games, the only game ever before to have made me sick just by playing it was Half-Life, so it couldn’t be a coincidence, right? other people with the same problems mention the aspect ratio and how HL and HL2 use 75 degrees instead of the more common 90, but of course that can’t be changed on a 360 so if I’m going to get any return on my investment, I’ll just have to play the game in short chunks.

This is sort of discouraging to me because what I’ve seen so far hints that it might very well be deserving of a lot of the praise; even though Newell & co seem to be fond of illogical physics-puzzles (seriously, the point of having physics is to have a universal set of rules that people just “know”. If you’re not being consistent in how you follow them, you’re just confusing people). I usually play through games in as few sittings as possible so it is likely that I don’t follow through on Half Life 2 for this reason. On the other hand, it might be interesting to play a game that can’t possibly keep me occupied for more than an hour at a time as it leaves time for other things.  I would assume to finish Metroid Prime 3 before going any further with it, though.

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