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Although the rest of the team vouched for Arthur’s review score, the editor in question, concerned the low score would jeopardize his relationship with the game’s developer, refused to publish the review without an incremental increase in the score.

The Escapist has an article about game reviews. Seeing as I just finished working on a large production and the reviews still are pouring in, I don’t think I’m qualified to objectively judge the more personal parts of the stories told. The first and second pages of the article talks about the dubious neutrality of some game reviewers, though. Not very in-depth, but an interesting example of how it can work in the cutthroat world of games media – especially interesting since I can compare it to some of my own experiences from the last year. I do not, however, agree with the Escapist about the significance of reviews for a game’s sales. Being a sucker for research data (especially when it’s based on real-world activities and not abstract simulation), I think the Survey by the Susquehanna Financial Group shows that we just can’t take it for granted.

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