This is another game in the so-overhyped-I-shouldn’t-even-bother- category (I guess this means I’m too mainstream. Have to work on that), but since it surprisingly enough didn’t toy with my health the way Half Life did, I could actually play it.

On a high level, Portal reminds me a lot of Katamari. There is a very solid base mechanic that you don’t seem to ever get tired of, and just like Katamari it has a strange humoristic tone that alone makes it worth playing. But that’s sort of it, and while Katamari felt dragged out at times, Portal is very short. It does seem sort of like a waste as there easily could’ve been more levels (the flash version had more, even), and even on the levels there are a lot of puzzles are recycled without really changing between iterations.

But people saying it’s a great game aren’t lying, I guess I’m just hoping that the success hasn’t blinded them and that they’re actually going to try and make something bigger when they make a sequel.

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