Another year gone by

… Yeah, not much to say besides that, really. I’m being self-absorbed again, which is in a way strange since (as I must have said to countless people now) getting to a point where getting older is rather a cause for mourning than celebration. Right now though, it’s neither exciting nor mortifying. I’m trapped in limbo and only a few more years will release me to a life-long descent into madness, oblivion and old age. Or maybe a few more years will teach me to be less dramatic about trivial things.

I guess you could argue that I would be better off writing this at the end of the day, but that would be forgetting about the point of celebration – if I were to celebrate – the year gone by. A year in which I’ve fulfilled my old promise of completing V├Ątternrundan and also a year in which I’ve been part of a large-scale commercial game release for the first time. As both of these happened during the last two months, one would think I have a short memory – while I fear this might partially be true, not much else of particular, renewed-insight-in-life- quality occured during the last twelve months. Besides, working on said game and training for V├Ątternrundan have taken up most of my time.

This rant is really getting long in the tedious way you really only can accomplish when talking about having nothing to say. So I’ll simply leave it at that and try to spend at least some time today thinking about how to make the time to come meaningful.

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