Halo 4

There are different ways to take over an established franchise from another studio. Some make it clear upfront that they are not the same studio and make a completely new game where only the name and a few lore references are maintained. Others try to reimagine and modernize the basic gameplay while making sure the ideas are still intact, and still others strive to be as faithful to the original as they possibly can. Halo 4 is definitely in the last category and 343 studios have very carefully followed the formula laid out by Bungie.

This makes Halo 4 feel very familiar – the only thing that did change notably is the story. In this regard, it feels like Halo ODST, but the difference is that Halo 4 hints at wanting to be something more. The new enemy types and weapons are an attempt at establishing new lore that ties in with the existing story surprisingly well, but the resistance they pose and the weapons they drop differ little from what is already there.

The story is told better than the previous Halo games – some of it doesn’t quite agree with my perception of what Halo should be but that’s probably a personal thing. And even if Halo 4 does not add anything to the Halo formula, it executes the Halo formula really well. I look forward to seeing if 343 expand on the gameplay in the next iteration.

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