Tetrobot and Co.


Tetrobot and Co. is a really sweet puzzle game in the Sokoban vein, essentially a turn-based, grid-based navigation puzzler that mostly revolves around moving blocks around. Puzzle games of this kind thread a risky path – it is very easy to make a game harder by obfuscating information, overwhelming the player or requiring perfect input. Tetrobot handles this beautifully and almost exclusively consists of logic puzzles that are as clean as Sokoban levels but varied and interesting due to the different elements in the game. Some puzzle elements are repeated a bit too often and the occasional behavior of a game object is kind of counterintuitive – together with heavy backtracking in some levels this occasionally makes it feel like Tetrobot and Co. is wasting your time. There is a generous rewind system in place though, and very little of the time I spent with the game felt like a chore.

There’s not much else to say about the game, really. It feels like a tablet game so PC controls were a little bit uncomfortable. At the time of this writing, there are some bugs that occasionally break the rewind system or force you to restart a level. There’s not much in terms of story or deeper meaning of the game. Gameplay-wise, though, it was near perfect for me with just enough variety and depth – this makes it easy to see past anything else.

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