Call of Duty: Ghosts


This was the first game I played to the end on the new generation of consoles, and aside for some complex scenes it really does not look or feel like there has been any significant technological improvement – though to be fair it is a cross-generation release. It is in all aspects familiar to what has already been done in Modern Warfare and Black Ops, but the mixture is different.

The basic progression structure is more similar to Modern Warfare – it’s a railroaded experience where the story doesn’t branch and failure always means loading from a previous checkpoint. In terms of the gameplay, it has a few normal missions but most of them offer some big twist on the FPS formula. I do appreciate both of these as I play Call of Duty for the spectacle and the fps whack-a-mole where you immediately get shot if you stray too far from your team was never that appealing to me.

Narratively, the Call of Duty games have been on a decline since the first Modern Warfare – it started out alright with most of the script being emotionless military jargon which helped set the mood but didn’t push a contrived story at you. The more angry commanders and personal vendettas they added, the more they expected you to be invested in the characters the less it worked. Ghosts thankfully takes a step back from the last games of the last generation, but sadly this seems to be a temporary thing due to the emotional angles they’re setting up for the sequels.

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