Rogue Legacy


While I like the umbrella term PDL to describe Roguelike or Roguelite games, some of the ways in which Rogue Legacy differs from the traditional Rogue formula are really important in making it a good game. Importantly, it is more forgiving than Spelunky or FTL as it does not remove any progress on player death – there is certainly charm in starting from a clean slate every run, but never having to worry about losing everything invites exploration and reduces frustration when death feels random.

Rogue Legacy is sensible about revealing new classes and equipment pieces, things that would have seemed redundant or insignificant earlier in the game are usually revealed just as they become useful. Some classes are only powerful if you play a certain way and others are remarkably well suited to a small number of situations, but they all have their place. Similarly, there are a lot of choices and most stats can be raised in at least three different ways, but there are subtle differences that occasionally make all the difference.

Finally, Rogue Legacy draws comic relief from a large number of character traits and references to other games, but it does this without compromising the tone or – more importantly – the design. It is an impressively cohesive collection of elements, even more so considering the small number of people involved.

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