Back in the late 80s and early 90s fast, level-based platformers was the thing to do – games like Strider. Now, there are a lot of ways Capcom/Double Helix could’ve gone with this remake (and potentially their decision was influenced by the earlier Bionic Commando) but they wisely chose to keep the original gameplay more or less intact and expand the game in a metroidvania direction to provide some player agency.

The second-to-second gameplay is solid as ever – strider Hiryu is a joy to control and feels powerful from the get-go. The exploration parts sensibly mark optional powerups on the map while hiding unlockables a bit better for the obsessive players. Upgrades mostly feel like weapons with new strategic options and not just keys to different-colored doors. Boss fights are tricky enough that you’ll need to recognize movement patterns to proceed, but collecting powerups beforehand will give you more leeway.

In short, Strider is a good example of an old game being modernized and improved. Instead of a 3D action/adventure with some thematic nods to the original but little else in common, it is the original game but expanded in a direction that makes a lot of sense.

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