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I was going to go off on a rant about Adam Maxwell’s suggestion that writers in the games industry are superfluous, but luckily the IGDA Game Writers Special Interest Group posted a rebuttal stating all but the most personal points I thought of so I’ll keep it short.

Maxwell seems to attack not only the position of the writer but the concept of in-game stories itself. Working in a company known for making games with a strong narrative element, I consistently get blown away when reading new concepts and story drafts. While this feeling ebbs away and powerful scenes get tiresome after you see them slightly-less-broken for the twentieth time, there’s no denying that a believable story and characters work wonders for immersion – for the simple reason that you’re actually listening to it instead of getting hung-up on the clich├ęs and contradictions. Sure, a person working full-time with writing might not be the first one to hire when starting up a game company, but I don’t see Maxwell providing enough arguments as to why we should disregard 10 years of refinement in game development.

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  1. AnneWritersCabal on March 26th, 2008

    I think Adam does like story in games — he just tripped over his own words. I translated what he’s really saying: . Maybe you disagree?

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