VGNG 2: It continues

Another four entries in the VGNG…


No One Can Stop the Farm Pioneer is a farm sim where you raise cows, grow wheat and chop down trees to build stuff, and drive your spacetruck around the galaxy to find new planets to farm. It is incredibly good looking for such a short production – hell, good looking for any game, even. It is a rather slow game but stressful since you had to manage a food chain in real-time. I’d usually expect a lot more detail from a game as slow-paced but then again, I haven’t played it for very long. I’ll probably try it again later on.

Tiny Platypus Pimps is… well, I guess you could call it a pimping simulator where you try to traffic drugs. The idea of a platypus pimp is nice, but the game is really simple since there are very few things you can do – and very hard since doing any of them will alert the cops and cripple you. Not a big fan of this one, sadly, although it should be said that this is the most bug-free game of today’s batch.

8-bit Gun Tales is a megaman-style platform game featuring a revolver. Collision is really dodgy and leads to some messy situations but other than that it controls just fine and is quite nice if you’re a fan of jump challenges performed while being shot at. I’d say it looks rather bland (apart from the main character), but I guess that’s part of the visual style.

Time Shark II: Medieval Shark Strike Force is another platformer featuring a shark traveling in time to eradicate all the Hitler clones from history. Unsurprisingly, the tone and story of the game is hilarious and it gives more than a few nods to metroid and megaman. The controls are really sluggish which I guess you can expect from trying to control a shark on dry land, but that’s hardly an excuse since that’s what you do most of the game – also, it can be a little repetitive. I still liked this game though, the hilarious story, the biting animations and the terror of the Hitler Clones when you approached, won me over.

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