VGNG 3: A Whole New Level


ROM CHECK FAIL is an odd entry in the VGNG since the name wasn’t auto-generated, originator Farbs describes the process as having removed the ‘N’ for a Videogame Generator. It is good enough to warrant it’s own post, though.

ROM CHECK FAIL simulates a mashed up arcade ROM image randomly swapping the gameplay every few seconds; the character you play, the enemies you face and the background theme randomly changes while you play. This means that you have to reevaluate your strategy very quickly on the fly and constantly make sure a potential swap wouldn’t catch you completely defenseless – the hectic adaptation gameplay is reminiscent of the WarioWare games.

Somewhat confusing, but immensely fun and a great example of how much gameplay you can achieve with simple means – although like all games heavy on references to other games, it might be hard to “get” if you haven’t played the original games.

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