VGNG 5: OSX Edition

I decided to get home early and play a few of the VGNG games on OSX instead, easier said than done since almost no games could be run natively on a mac, and only a few used intermediary platforms. However…


Planet of the Forklift Kid, a physics-based platform puzzler featuring a kid running around and using forklifts to get by. The levels were a little too large for such small puzzles and the jumping was kind of unreliable, but it was a nice little game.

The Adventures of Death Episode 1: Emo Harvest on the Oregon Trail is another game that seems like a browser game. You play the game as the Grim Reaper skiing on the Oregon trail chopping down Emo kids in your path; the only way to go is down so the main challenge is to slash at the right time and do timed jump to hit switches revealing new paths. I would’ve liked to see less halts in the skiing and more alternate paths near the end, but for what it is, Emo Harvest on the Oregon Trail is alright.

Morbidly Obese Workout Man tasks you with running around on a platform-ish, screen-sized level that is looping in both directions, running to certain points, collecting food to build your stamina and avoiding the female jogger that’s jumping around. It hardly qualifies as a game since there’s no progression whatsoever and the only way to end the game is to stand still for a long time.

Obsessive Compulsive Penguin Simulator is another game with very little gameplay, you play a penguin with a compulsive need to flatten snow drifts and the game is basically to do so repeatedly in order to keep a good balance between obsession and compulsion. I suppose the theme of this game gives the interaction a deeper meaning, though.

Savage Balloon 3000 features the savage balloon and a lot of bees. You basically control the balloon with the mouse and try to avoid the bees until you reach their hive where you crash and then continue to the next level where you repeat the thing with a different-colored balloon. You can also activate the savagery where a side of the balloon becomes lethal for a short while – although this has some cooldown time so you have to save it for when you need it. A very repetitive game.

There were also a few half-entries that were unfinished or joke games…

Extreme Bedtime: The Next Generation  where you go to bed. And sleep.

Furry Punching Nitro where the furry always dies and everybody wins.

Mega Spatula Fury,  I would point out that McDonald’s has clamshell grills and don’t use spatulas to flip burgers, but the animations in this game are so awesome I just want him to finish it.

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