VGNG 7: Weekend Crusade Continued

With less than half of the entries left, patterns emerge; some developers implement a simple game mechanic and rely on the name to provide the selling point, others have the beginnings of a somewhat unique concept and still others have had the time to refine the games they made. This doesn’t say so much about the games themselves, but it does provide some interesting insight into how the developers approached the task, what they wanted to get out of it and how that matched up to what actually happened. Insightful art, in a way.


Enraged Rocket House has you driving an Ice Cream Truck around a neighborhood, trying to sell Ice Cream without getting caught by the Enraged Rocket House circling the skies. A very pretty game rendered in 3D with Ambient Occlusion applied in lightmaps, but the truck handled pretty badly meaning that whenever you stopped or slowed down you got caught – this in turn made it difficult to actually get something done.

Fabulous Hardware Annihilation seems inspired by the scene in “Office Space” where the guys break the office printer. It gives you a few seconds to click on an assortment of moving icons without hitting any of another set of moving icons. Pretty simple.

Infinite Nazi On Wheels is a horizontal shooter with some sort of huge Nazi tank in the background. As far as shooters go, it was alright although not getting any upgrades made it boring in the long run. I also didn’t really care for the windows GDI graphics.

Infinite Underwear Attack is an almost snake-like game where you control a dot to collect hamburgers in a room, for every burger you hit another enemy appears and once you hit one the game is over. Also very simple.

Morbidly Obese Rugby Nation starts out with two morbidly obese rugby teams on a field, and the player being allowed to do the kickoff. After that, you can’t do anything but do (failing) attempts to move for two minutes. Hardly a game, but the accompanying voice-synthesized commentary makes it entertaining.

Pro Mushroom Slam seems like a wrestling sim but you only really have one move at your disposal so it becomes a “game” of either mashing the button and win, or not mashing the button and lose.

Robotic Outlaw Mayhem is another platformer, this one is incredibly low-res and has a very versatile main character able to do both wall jumps and double jumps in the form of “dives”. The dive mechanic prohibits you from further controls, creating some interesting opportunities for difficult long jumps and the level design is at times interesting (although the aesthetic design is a little boring). There is also a story in this game hinted at by some cryptic messages on the walls, all in all I liked it and wished it was longer.

We Love Mind Control Rocket is a strategy game/construction management sim where you control resources in different parts of the world in order to build an army and defeat your siblings in the race for world domination. It was really well made in regards to presentation and I liked the options the game provided, but like others in it’s genre it takes a very long time to see the effects of your decisions – and by extension and even longer time to decide whether it’s implemented a good balance or not. I didn’t have the time today and while I certainly liked the theme I don’t think I liked it enough to try it again later – it certainly was a nice game but not the kind of game I’d personally go to a competition like this to find.

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