Backworlds update

I have been neglecting this space for a while – nothing about GDC, E3, SGDQ, SDCC or any of the games I have played this year – while it was always intended to be a casual affair, I do dislike it when blogs unceremoniously stop getting new posts. There are a few reasons for why this happened, but the most important one is that I have been working to complete and polish Backworlds. Today, we announced that we’ll be a part of the Indie Megabooth at PAX West, as well as demo at GamesCom and EGX. We also unveiled this fancy new trailer:

I tend not to talk about Backworlds on my own channels since it has a social media presence by itself, but I would guess the two will blend a bit for the upcoming months. It has been almost 9 years since we started experimenting with this concept and we have lost and found our way more than once, more on that in a later post but for now I’m happy to say that we’re close to the finish line. We are pretty proud of the game we have made, so check it out =)

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