The Hardcore Niche

Brandon Cheffield of Game Developer Magazine presents a refreshingly odd viewpoint in an article reprinted on Gamasutra. He points out the current differences between the movie- and videogame industries, and theorizes that the big blockbuster titles of today might well the gaming equivalent to independent cinema;

“But is that really the case? Do aliens, wizards, and soldiers really make a piece of entertainment inaccessible? Many millions of people went to see the Iron Man movie over the past two months, and a large percentage of them have probably never picked up a comic book in their lives.

Why is it that people will go see The Lord of the Rings’ movies, but many of them will not play the games?”

It’s not something you accept as-is seeing as videogames still hold the records for highest-earning entertainment launches, but it is an interesting take on the state of the industry that provides food for thought.

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