History repeats itself…

Purple Moon was a game company formed in the 90s by Brenda Laurel as a by-product of an attempt to make technology more accessible to girls. Long story short, they created some mediocre interactive novel-style games about everyday happenings, failed and were bought by Mattel. The general idea was that games are a channel to live out your dreams and fantasies, and – surprise, surprise – some girls actually have grander fantasies than about their first day at school.

It now seems Ubisoft has decided to repeat this mistake with their new “Imagine” series;


… And yes, I probably wouldn’t know about Purple Moon if it wasn’t for Ernest Adams, You can read his column on the issue here; Games for Girls? Eeeeewwww!

Kotaku: Ubisoft Puts Women In Their PlaceĀ 

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