What women want from games

While the gender differences concerning game-players in general are small to negligible, anyone can tell you that the “heavier” console and PC titles are enjoyed by men to a much larger extent than women. Journalist Leigh Alexander wrote a piece about why this is, and theorizes that while content has got something to do with it, the big issue is just the fact that “anyone can tell you that”. Not earth-shattering news, maybe, but I have never seen someone put it so eloquently before. In Sweden, where it is usually hard to get anyone admit to playing videogames, this seems especially true – while female gamers are hard to find, at least the ones I know have delightfully unpredictable tastes.

But enough rambling from me about things that I haven’t got a clue about. World of Goo has gone gold! Congrats Ron and Kyle! Now send me my copy!

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