Pixeljunk on IGF

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games responds to some of the criticism “Pixeljunk Eden” seems to have gotten for being a somewhat high-profile title in the IGF. I have already mentioned that I think reducing the IGF to a marketing opportunity would itself be going against the indie spirit, though Cuthbert gives more detailed reasons from several angles as to why he doesn’t feel the critique is justified. Even though some of it is surely genuine concern that indie outposts will be commercialised, I would guess that some of the objections come from jealousy-induced elitism – and I guess there are elements of that in every indie scene. I will have to ask Kianis how he feels about it next time I see him.

There have been far too much interesting things happening at the GDC for me to do a write-up about it, but I would like to congratulate Erik Svedäng on the IGF win. I have only played Blueberry Garden for a few minutes, not enough to build an informed opinion about it considering the kind of game it is, but I will be sure to get it when it is released.

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