Logigun is a puzzle game in which the player, in order to get forward, must use one of five different guns. While none of the guns (except possibly the bow and arrows in the picture) are used in the traditional manner of hurting people, they have very different and peculiar features to allow the player to pass obstacles.

This is a very typical independent game, but a solid one nonetheless with remarkably few bugs and places where you get stuck for a free project. The graphics are simple but descriptive, the controls are solid and the puzzles are challenging enough to be interesting without ever becoming too hard. The only problem I have with Logigun is the puzzles that require speed and reflexes to solve. They’re occasionally unnecessarily difficult to pull off even when you know how they’re supposed to be done, and since you know these kinds of puzzles exist  you can sometimes spend a lot of time trying to pull of impossible moves  when the solution is elsewhere.

All in all, though, Logigun is  a very nice game well worth the download time.


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