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… I have written very little text directly considering my work, so one would think that now – while I’m on vacation and free to spend the days doing what I please – I would actually have more to say. Obviously, this isn’t the case but I’m not sure why. Since beating Symphony of the Night, I’ve played Alundra and watched the Resident Evil series of movies in it’s entirity. The movies were quite good for game-based features – not that it’s saying anything – and Alundra… Well, let’s just say that fond memories had painted it in a more appealing light than nostalgia managed to keep up when burdened with the flaws of the game itself.

Until I get my hands on Bioshock, I hope to able to get some work done on my personal projects, but that is assuming I don’t find it more interesting to play another game (and destroy another illusion of rememberance) or just sit and watch movies. While it’s sort of sad to be reduced to solely a consumer, this is my vacation after all and I’m not going to force myself to work on a hobby creation.

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