Top Ten badass weapons

Gaming site Ripten compiled a list of the top 10 videogame weapons, similar to the one by GameTrailers but a lot of good games have been released since then, and you can approach this issue from so many angles. While not being particularly original Ripten at least had some amusing descriptions.

“While not exactly an instrument of finesse, the Gravity Hammer was perfectly designed for blunt force trauma. Have a room full of elites that needs eradicating? Use the Hammer. A co-worker parked his warthog in your parking space? Use the Hammer. Can’t open that pesky jar of preservatives? Employ the Hammer. The Brute Gravity Hammer follows the ethos of the “if it ain’t broke, break it” variety. And it does this very well”

… and no, I wouldn’t have written this if the Darkness wasn’t number 2 on the list.

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